Local authorities have identified incentives that would be offered to companies in direct state and local inducements. Note also that there are a number of other direct and indirect incentives companies would qualify for, and can be calculated, once the data is provided, (i.e. sales tax exemptions), on purchased equipment and inventory taxes. An informal inquiry into other incentives available revealed that the state would be "aggressive" should Your Company decide to seriously pursue locating at Silver Comet. Propeller works with one of the state's top lobbying firms, which is on retainer. This firm would be placed at your disposal, without charge, to research and secure all benefits, including grants and credits.


Paulding County is recognized as one of Georgia's most competitive counties when it comes to business costs and available incentives. The County recognizes the importance of maintaining a strong business friendly environment that is highly conducive for companies to grow, which creates new jobs nd stimulates economic activity that in-turn creates long-term sustainability. While specific incentives that are available from the state and local governments depend upon a number of factors including the size of investment, jobs created, etc., some of the incentives available for new and expanding businesses in Paulding include: