Climate & Geography

Located at the foothills of the southern Appalachians, Metro Atlanta is predominantly characterized by rolling hills and broad, smooth uplands. The Chattahoochee River, one of the most prominent natural features of the metro area, forms the northwestern boundary of the city. To the east, Stone Mountain can be seen high above the tallest pines. At 825 feet, it is the world's largest free-standing piece of exposed granite.

Despite having a mild climate, the area does experience all four seasons. The average annual temperature is 61°F / 16°C, with July the hottest month, averaging 89°F / 31°C, and January the coldest, with an average low of 33°F /0°C. The area rarely experiences snow with less than two inches of annual accumulation, so people are able to enjoy the outdoors more than 300 days a year. The moderate climate allows residents to take advantage of many outdoor festivals, concert venues and parks nearly year-round.

Metro Atlanta Area Climate