Concentration of Aerospace Talent

Metro Atlanta Labor Force

Georgia's aerospace products are the #1 international export of Georgia growing 76% over the last five years to a high of $7.85 billion in 2013; ranking Georgia among the top five U.S. aerospace exporting states. This provides companies with a uniquely qualified workforce at its fingertips. It is also noteworthy that Georgia's aerospace workforce has been rated the nations most productive. An aerospace firm relocating to Silver Comet is able to leverage this work-ready talent pool, positioning it to accelerate development and streamline its business processes.

More than 700 aerospace companies throughout the state including: Boeing, Bombardier, Gulfstream, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Pratt & Whitney, Raytheon, Zodiac and Meggit (less than 8 miles from Silver Comet) operate in a business climate where nearly half a billion dollars is spent annually on university-backed engineering research and development. This places Georgia's aerospace companies on the cutting edge of the latest developments in aerospace technology.

Immediate Availability

Currently, available workers with the skill sets needed to jump-start a new facility including production, quality control, manufacturing, engineering, design, supply chain management and administration -- far exceeds the likely requirements for any new operation. For example, Lockheed Martin (20 miles to the east) recently announced workforce reductions of over 1,000 people due to federal defense budget cuts. Many of the high-quality engineers available have worked on sophisticated development and production programs including the F-22 Raptor and C-130 programs.

Universities & Technical Resources

Paulding County and the metro area provide one of the most skilled and educated labor markets in the country, especially within the aerospace sector. The region's high schools produce some of the highest ranking graduates in the state, and many advanced educational institutions provide aerospace programs as part of their curriculum. Less than 10 minutes away, Chattahoochee Technical College provides the types of training programs that are essential to building a successful business. And, within a 45-minute drive is the campus of the Georgia Institute of Technology, one of the most prominent engineering schools in the world with the largest aerospace program in the United States.