Lower Cost Of Doing Business

Metro Atlanta has worked hard to become one of the most attractive business centers in the United States. Abundant and well-priced real estate has made the Southeast a manufacturing hub. With abundant and experienced engineering and technical talent, the State of Georgia is a recognized leader within the aerospace and transportation technology sectors.

Fortune 500 companies are taking note, bringing a wave of projects and jobs to the region. Their interest is having a ripple effect on companies across the support chain, creating opportunities for new businesses, mergers and acquisitions, along with global strategic partnerships.

The Atlanta region is home to some of the most recognizable companies in the world including United Parcel Service (UPS), Coca-Cola, Home Depot and Sun Trust just to mention a few. Together with the port, interstates, railroads and airports metro Atlanta reflects the region's true transportation pedigree attracting the world's businesses.

Metro Atlanta is especially attractive because the region is rich in engineering talent who bring strong backgrounds in electronic, mechanical and aerospace engineering.

The Atlanta Business Chronicle stated recently that "It's 30 percent to 40 percent less expensive to operate a research and development office in Atlanta than it is in Silicon Valley, based on labor and real estate costs."