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Silver Comet welcomes leading commercial real estate brokers and agents; local, regional, national and international, to our information community which outlines the various aerospace development opportunities that are available.

This site is designed to assist and complement a real estate professionals understanding of the benefits and targeted commercial uses at Silver Comet and the adjacent business park. Access to our "community" will assist real estate professionals on how to maximize the benefits from the significant local and state economic packages that are currently available.

The development is accessed from the airport's main entrance off of route 278/6. Site development locations can be found along the airport's main roadway, Airport Parkway, and specialized development sites are available adjacent to and with aircraft access to Silver Comet's taxiways and runways. Catering to Aerospace, logistics and general business establishments, the park is being developed cooperatively by Propeller Airports and Paulding County Industrial Development Authority.

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